Greenhouse Bench Lath

Greenhouse bench lath is made of specially selected Spruce wood slats 3/8” thick, 1 ½” wide. Each wood slat is bound together with double strands of 14 gauge galvanized wires. Each wood slat is spaced 1 ¼” apart (55% closed area; 45% open area). The greenhouse bench lath is available in 6’ & 4’ wide rolls 50’ long. The 6’ wide lath is bound together with seven double strands of galvanized wire. The 4’ wide lath is bound together with five double strands of galvanized wire. The Spruce wood slats are available in natural or pressure treated Spruce.

  • Save on fuel consumption- allows heat and air to pass through benches and around plants.
  • Increase your production-go from grounds beds to benches in a matter of minutes.

Do not confuse this material with snow fence which has a 2 ¼” spacing between wood slats.

Contact us for current pricing and freight charges.

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